Timothy Jared Smith aka T.J., for those who knew him, was charming, loving, considerate, creative, compassionate and full of mischief. For T.J. enjoying life was his passion, he could not go high enough or fast enough. We have a photo over our fireplace of him with his ski rack on the top of a car, riding down the road driven by one of his friends.

His greatest loves were his friends and family, then skiing, mountain biking and roller coasters. I think he would be been a ski bum and inventor. He came up with the idea for making a gum that cleaned your teeth when he was in grade school. Long before it came on the market. (Too bad we did not patent it ). He also loved golf, that is why we have chosen to host this tournament in his honor.

T.J. taught ski-wee classes at Jiminy Peak and participated in his first 150-mile bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis the spring before he died. He was scheduled to take the ride again that spring had he not had that fatal skiing accident 23 years ago. He has remained a perpetual young adult always on the edge, always creative and had a smile that drew you to him.

T.J, what a loss... I guess he had more to teach us by leaving us that he did by staying here with us. As hard a lesson as it has been, we learned how important is to love life and each other and be respectful of both, as you never know what tomorrow brings. Find your passion and pursue it to the fullest extent, no matter what the cost. Never take a day for granted because this may be all you have. Always tell those that you love and care for how much you love them, because you may not get a second chance.

T.J. lived and still lives on in each of us who share his memories and his passion for life. We will always hold him close to our hearts and be forever grateful for the time he shared with us.